Boy, 11, dies as car hits lorry near Stonehenge  BBC 

Torrential rain cancels a festival and brings flash flooding BBC

Boundaries review: The ancient city of Chester being split in two BBC

Nottingham attacks: Forest and Derby fans play game in tribute to victims

Fears for Vauxhall Luton van plant's future due to Brexit  / BBC


The collision between a HGV and car happened on the A303 near Stonehenge
An 11-year-old boy has died after the car he was travelling in collided with a parked lorry in Wiltshire.
The boy, from London, was in a black BMW when it crashed into an HGV in a layby on the A303 near Stonehenge at about 19:30 BST on Saturday.

Heavy rain cancelled a festival and brought flash flooding to some areas.
Crowds at Birmingham's Mostly Jazz Funk and Soul Festival were just some of those caught in torrential downpours on Saturday and the event was called off.
Several inches of water covered parts of Alum Rock Road in Birmingham and National Highways said link roads from the M6 onto the A38M had to be closed.

The city of Chester traces its history back 2,000 years but now the ancient city faces being split into two on the political map. It all follows a boundary review, which means the areas south of the River Dee will have a different MP from the rest of the city. But what does that mean for those who live there? . Originally founded as a Roman fortress Deva, Chester has a long and proud history.

Football fans set aside their rivalries to come together to remember the victims of the recent attacks in Nottingham.
Ian Coates, Grace O'Malley-Kumar and Barnaby Webber died after being stabbed during the early hours of 13 June.
Nottingham Forest and Derby County fans played in their honour at Mickleover FC's Don Amott Arena on Saturday.
Money raised by the match will go the the victims' families or charities they nominate.

The long term future of a major vehicle plant and 1,500 jobs could be put in jeopardy if part of the Brexit treaty is not renegotiated, its plant director has warned.

Luton Vauxhall director Mark Noble said he was confident, however, the "massive challenges" could be overcome.
But he said with 70% of vans being exported into mainland Europe, tariffs risked its competitiveness.
The government said it was working with the EU to find a solution to the issue.

Niño de 11 años muere al chocar un camión cerca de Stonehenge /La colisión entre un vehículo pesado y un automóvil ocurrió en la A303 cerca de Stonehenge.

Un niño de 11 años murió después de que el automóvil en el que viajaba chocara con un camión estacionado en Wiltshire.
El niño, de Londres, estaba en un BMW negro cuando se estrelló contra un vehículo pesado en un área de estacionamiento en la A303 cerca de Stonehenge alrededor de las 19:30 BST del sábado.

Las fuertes lluvias cancelaron un festival y provocaron inundaciones repentinas en algunas áreas.
Las multitudes en el Festival Mostly Jazz Funk and Soul de Birmingham fueron solo algunas de las personas atrapadas en los aguaceros torrenciales el sábado y el evento fue cancelado.
Varias pulgadas de agua cubrieron partes de Alum Rock Road en Birmingham y National Highways dijo que las carreteras de enlace desde la M6 hasta la A38M tenían que cerrarse.

La ciudad de Chester remonta su historia a 2000 años, pero ahora la ciudad antigua se enfrenta a ser dividida en dos en el mapa político. Todo sigue una revisión de límites, lo que significa que las áreas al sur del río Dee tendrán un MP diferente al resto de la ciudad. Pero, ¿qué significa eso para quienes viven allí? . Chester, originalmente fundada como una fortaleza romana Deva, tiene una larga y orgullosa historia.

Los aficionados al fútbol dejaron de lado sus rivalidades para unirse en recuerdo de las víctimas de los recientes atentados en Nottingham.

Ian Coates, Grace O'Malley-Kumar y Barnaby Webber murieron tras ser apuñalados durante la madrugada del 13 de junio.
Los fanáticos de Nottingham Forest y Derby County jugaron en su honor en el Don Amott Arena de Mickleover FC el sábado.
El dinero recaudado por el partido se destinará a las familias de las víctimas oa las organizaciones benéficas que designen.

El futuro a largo plazo de una importante planta de vehículos y 1.500 puestos de trabajo podría verse en peligro si no se renegocia parte del tratado Brexit, advirtió el director de la planta.
El director de Luton Vauxhall, Mark Noble, dijo que confiaba en que, sin embargo, los "enormes desafíos" podrían superarse.
Pero dijo que con el 70% de las furgonetas exportadas a Europa continental, los aranceles arriesgan su competitividad.
El gobierno dijo que estaba trabajando con la UE para encontrar una solución al problema.

The size of the Latin American community in London is estimated to be 113,500 and it has grown nearly four-fold since the 2001 census (the UK figure is estimated to be 186,500). This means that Latin Americans now represent a significant part of the city's total population.England has an estimated population of 55,977,178 according to the latest mid-year estimates. England is the largest of the four countries that comprise the United Kingdom.


Where do most Latin Americans live in London?

A Brief History of Latin Americans in London | Latinolife
borough of Southwark
The majority of these migrants settle in London. The borough of Southwark has the highest concentration of Latin Americans in the UK although significant communities also exist in Lambeth, Stockwell, and Brixton in south London and Holloway, Seven Sisters and Finsbury Park in the north of the city.


According to a 2005 report by the Institute for Public Policy Research, based on data from the 2001 Census, the ten census tracts with the largest South American-born populations are all in London.


Who are the most Latinos in London?

The largest national group are Brazilians followed by Colombians. There are also large numbers of Ecuadorians, Bolivians and Peruvians. The research primarily draws its findings from a large quantitative survey, of over 1,000 Latin Americans living in London.



What part of London is Latino?

The majority live in South London (Lambeth and Southwark) where IRMO is based.



Who are the biggest immigrants in London?

Of Londoners not born in the UK, more were born in India than any other country. 349,000 Londoners were born in India and the second most common non-UK born country is Nigeria with a population of 135,000. The foreign-born population in London from most countries has increased since 2010.



What is the biggest immigrant community in London?

Leading nationalities of non-British population in London 2021, by nationality. In 2021, there were approximately 357,000 Indian residents living in London, the most of any foreign nationality. Nigerian nationals numbered 142,000, and were the second most common nationality in this year.



Demographics of London

Major ethnic White: 53.8% (2021) White British: 36.8% (2021)
Minor ethnic Asian British: 20.8% (2021) Black British: 13.5% (2021) Mixed: 5.7% (2021) Other: 6.3% (2021)
Spoken British English (main language: 78.4%)


What is the ethnicity breakdown in London?

Population estimates by ethnic group and religion, England ...
London was more ethnically diverse than other regions
Those identifying as White British accounted for 43.4% of London's population compared with 78.4% for England and Wales overall. Excluding White British, the most common ethnic groups in London were Other White (14.6%), Black African (7.9%), and Indian (7.0%).

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A treat for all the history buffs, Stonehenge is a Neolithic site – one of the best places to visit in UK with kids. The site is close to Amesbury, England and is supposed to date back to 3000 BC. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986 and is supposed to have worked as either a burial ground or astronomy site of sorts. The beauty of the place lies in the mystery around it as well as no one exactly knows what the stones stand for or what its purpose exactly was. However, the place is surrounded by different neolithic burial grounds and monuments, which makes it one of the most important places to visit in United Kingdom.


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